Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lady Gaga Performed At A Beauty Pageant?

Sometimes, I fall into a YouTube rabbit hole in which I find every weird fan video dedicated to, like, Paul Prudhomme or Kim Coles. And then there’s Lady Gaga, whose cemented position in the cultural zeitgeist is so strong that one will literally find himself combing through video after video until he finds a hidden gem featuring Stefani lip syncing (believe it!) on a rooftop in Miami in 2008.

But the best and strangest clip so far is footage of Lady Gaga performing at 2008 Miss Universe contest. Seeing Gaga perform her first single, “Just Dance,” while surrounded by ladies in bathing suits (and Jerry Springer and Scary Spice, too!) is so odd. Like, Lady Gaga at a beauty pageant? Standing offstage as robotic ladies in bathing suits pose for the camera? Very, very non-Gaga. But everyone starts somewhere, even if they means receiving your cue from Mr. Jerry Springer!

Video courtesy of youtube.com

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