Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s A White Kid In A Blackface

Ok, so I guess there’s this show in Europe called My Name Is, where people perform songs in character? It is a very simple idea, but it gets really complicated somewhere along the line because, although there are the usual suspects (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce), there are also performances by regular human beings dressed up as Little Orphan Annie, Shirley Bassey, and …wait for it… Aaron Neville.

By far the weirdest human being ever (evidence: unapologetic facial moles, cheek tattoo, lady’s voice and a man’s face), Aaron Neville is a very strange impression to pull off, although some have done it very well (see: me, Halloween 2006). But some white dude across got his sh*t down, from the cutoff denim vest to the bristly jhere curl to the signature, echoing dolphin screams dulcet tones that only Aaron Neville can emit from his thick, golden throat.

Make no mistake about it: these videos will break the internet.

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