Sunday, October 28, 2012

TV’s Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween means candy corn, haunted houses, and your dad wearing that musty vampire outfit yet again. But it also means Halloween specials on TV! Throughout the years, the small screen has captured the fun of dressing up for the holidays. It’s a time for our favorite characters to get creative and just a tad inappropriate as they sport costumes from the topical, the slutty, or other clever ideas that perfectly reflect their own personalities. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Halloween costumes from TV over the years that may give you some inspiration of what to do…and what not to do.

Best Mystery Costume – The Slutty Pumpkin (How I Met Your Mother): It was that crisp, autumnal night on Halloween when Ted Mosby thought he met the love of his life…in a costume that has become the show’s famed “Slutty Pumpkin.” Though her face was veiled, this mystery woman became the object of Ted’s harvest-filled fantasies. Many years later, we discovered that the woman was none other than Katie Holmes! Even though the costume doesn’t have much originality, we give them props for mocking the “slutty fill-in-the-blank” outfit.

Most Cerebral Costume – “Spud”-nik (Friends): Oh Ross, your combination of awkward, intellectual will always be so endearing to us. I love this costume because it totally caters to the Halloween nerd in me. Unfortunately, Ross’ costume doesn’t translate well, and let’s just say that bathroom jokes ensue. Didn’t anyone ever tell him that if you have to explain the costume, it doesn’t work?
So Gangsta Costume – T-Pain (Parks and Recreation): Trick or treat yo self!  The Snake Pit, and jammin’ to some Usher. His rendition of “I’m In Love With a Stripper” is pretty priceless.
Best Group Costume – Rock Horror Picture Show (Glee): Though I had stopped watching Glee by the time this episode aired, I knew I had to tune in for any tribute to cult hit Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s hard to pick which is the best costume, since they all mimic the eccentric characters so well. Ahem, Brittany and her tap dancing as Columbia? But I would say the best would go to Kurt, whose all out ode to Riff Raff costume deserves recognition.
The Indifferent Costume – Three-Hole Punched Jim (The Office): This is for the guy who wants to go to the costume party, but is definitely too cool to go all out. Anyway, we love Jim for his dry humor, and this costume exhibits that in the best way possible.
Best Guest Star Costume- Adam Lambert (Pretty Little Liars): Adam Lambert can pull off anything, and now he can check off glam vampire from his list. His performance of his singles “Cuckoo” and “Trespassing” on the “A” train are surely worth sinking your teeth into.
No Words… – Mother Teresa (Modern Family): In season two’s Halloween episode, Haley comes downstairs repeatedly in inappropriate costumes (slutty cat, slutty nurse, you name it) only to be reprimanded by her mother to change into something more appropriate. Finally Haley arrives in a skin-tight mini-dress and blue and white veil, saying, “Mom, you cannot have a problem with this. I’m Mother Teresa.” Haley is so clueless and off-color here, which is why we think it’s so great. It’s another joke that clearly plays with Tina Fey’s famous Mean Girls line, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Very true, Ms. Fey. Very true.
Best Glammed-Up Look – Flapper (Gossip Girl): Blair Waldorf would never show up to a party without making a grand entrance, and this is no exception. Blair becomes the ultimate flapper girl in this beautiful getup and, of course, everything is impeccable from her perfectly curled hair to her necklaces. Blair knows she would fit right into Gatsby’s raucous roaring ’20s parties. XOXO.
The Complete Transformation – Sally Jessy Raphael (Sabrina The Teenage Witch): Okay, we’re getting a bit nostalgic here, but how can we talk Halloween without Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Sabrina tells her aunt she’s going to school as Sally Jessy Raphael and dons some big red plastic rimmed glasses. Her aunts are dismayed at Sabrina’s lack of creativity, since Halloween is by far their favorite holiday. Hilda says, “That is the lamest costume I’ve ever seen,” and transforms her into the real Sally Jessy Raphael. Talk about trying to stay in character…
The Un-P.C. Costume – Peggy Flemming (Community): Spanish teacher turned student Senor Chang, played hilariously by Ken Jeong, arrives at Greendale sporting a turquoise leotard, a wig, ice skates and a medal. When Chang asks Jeff and Brita who he is for Halloween, they immediately guess Asian-American ice skaters Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan because, yes, he’s Asian too. His actual costume? 1968 skating Olympian Peggy Flemming. Chang responds, “Just been proven racist by the racist prover.”

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