Sunday, October 28, 2012

Madonna Falls Down Flat On Stage While Performing!

Madonna‘s concerts are just full of action these days. Whether she’s calling Obama a “black Muslim” or flashing audiences everwhere from Rome to Istanbul — butt-cheek and nipple even distributed, natch — Queen Madge really loves her spotlight, doesn’t she? Why else would she keep harping on and on about Lady Gaga ripping off Express Yourself and turning it into Born This Way, over and over again. Anyway, karma has a funny way of evening the snark out. Because there’s nothing quite as embarrasing as eating stage in fromnt of thousands of people. Because that’s exactly what happened to Madonna while she was performing at the Dallas leg of her MDNA tour show at the American Airlines Center.Watch around the 33 second mark for the real action. But, we have to admit, she handled it like the pro she is, turning it into a graceful tumble and then laying down on her back as if it’s part of the whole performance. Slow clap, Madge … slow clap.

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