Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The 5 Weirdest Things About This Vintage Anna Kendrick Cabaret Video

Well…Anna Kendrick sure can sing, right guys? That’s the one thing we can say about this vintage video of the Pitch Perfect star belting out Cabaret’s “Life Upon The Wicked Stage”.

And, there are about 1 million upsetting details about this video that make me happy and surprised that Anna Kendrick turned out to be a semi-normal adult. Details like…
  1. That bizarre outfit: Was there a gas leak in the wardrobe department? Though really, what would have looked more appropriate next to Madonna-style satin lingerie? Oh, right…nothing.
  2. The Japanese subtitles: Unless the subtitles explain something about the video we don’t know, any Japanese viewer would have to be twice as confused as we are.
  3. So. much. armpit. hair. Don’t mean to hate on body hair, but it really adds to the Twin Peaks vibe of the whole video. Now that we think about it…every aspect of the backup dancers is jarring. For example…
  4. All the pelvic thrusting. :(
  5. The lighting design. Did the Joker do the set design and lighting for this show?
  6. The fact that the audience is laughing. Rather than immediately stepping into the lobby to call the police. See, we couldn’t even narrow it down to five!
Anna really kills it, though, doesn’t she?

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