Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Things That Make Me Feel Unbelievably Healthy (What's On Your List?)

I have a list of things that, without fail, (even on days when I'm sleep-deprived and have splurged on something I wish I didn't) always make me feel healthy. And when you feel healthy and proud of your choices, your more likely to continue to make healthy choices, right? Here's my list...

I call it healthy inertia. By choosing the simple things that make us feel healthy, we're more likely to continue to make healthy choices throughout the day/week. Here are seven things that I turn to frequently to feel healthier:
1. Green tea, repeat: If I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or if I've just eaten something I wish I didn't, green tea has this way of resetting my good-health button. Green tea is loaded with good-for-you antioxidants that researchers believe have benefits that range from improved skin to weight loss, so I know that whenever I can squeeze in a cup of green, I'm doing well.
2. Stretching: Maybe it's the act of stopping, pausing, and just focusing on my muscles and joints that has a way of boosting my mood, but I swear by stretching as the ultimate way for me to recharge when I'm feeling stressed, so I do it as often as possible. Do you?
3. Drinking a tall glass of water:
Hydrating can kill a headache, reduce food cravings and boost energy--it's no wonder that a cold glass of water is my most frequent trick for getting me in a healthy mood.
4. Taking a hot bath: This one's a double whammie for me: muscle relaxation and aromatherapy (I love lavender bath salts).

I'd also add to this list: a good, long workout; hugs and kisses from lovie-dubbies . :)

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