Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Looks Like The Most Taylor Swift Thing To Ever Taylor Swift

We’ve seen some Taylor Swift things in our life, but there is nothing more Taylor Swift than the first shots of TSwift’s new video shoot in France. First of all, she’s shooting it in Paris. The whole thing is so French, there’s a window behind her that is inscribed with the word “croissant,” written in gold, and it isn’t even an important detail in the shot. Second of all, please look at Taylor’s baller status outfit. The only human being who can rival Taylor in the vintage patterned skirt and sheer blouse department is Zooey Deschanel, and even then Zooey hasn’t been photographed holding a tiny fruit tart. At least not recently anyway.

Boom! That’s some Taylor Swift game right there! We don’t even have to get into the red lips, do we? The shoot is apparently for Swift’s “Begin Again” video, which makes complete sense…
The girl is clearly in a cafe, on what could very easily be a Wednesday…
And nothing will convince you faster that loves doesn’t only “break and burn and end” than a handsome Frenchman (especially when paired with a flawless pair of bright red cigarette pants.)(We die.)

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