Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Would you like to be a little tougher at the office? Wish you didn't cry at the drop of a hat? A smart, research-backed tip...

Want to toughen up mentally and physically at work? No, don't bare your back as the photo above suggests (giggle), but do focus on your posture. Having good posture is terrific for overall health, but a brand new study indicates that sitting up straight can also help you be tougher. 

According to researchers at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, having "dominant" posture (sticking your chest out a bit, and keeping your chin up) actually decreases your sensitivity to pain, makes you feel more in control and able to tolerate stressful situations.  Based on previous research, the experts suggest that adopting a powerful, expansive posture rather than constricting your body, "may also lead to elevated testosterone, which is associated with increased pain tolerance, and decreased cortisol, which may make the experience less stressful." 

So interesting, and a further reminder that we do have the power to control how stress affects us:)

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