Friday, July 22, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

The first official teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hit the web this week, and to the untrained eye, it MAY look exactly like the other three Spider-Man movies just with different, more attractive actors (Martin Sheen – RAWR!).

However, if you pay extra-close attention, you’ll realize that the new revamped, rebooted 2011 Spider-Man contains numerous aspects that weren’t in any of the other films, making it a fresh and thoroughly necessary update on a stale film franchise.

Here are 10 Things In The Amazing Spider-Man That Weren’t In Any Of The Other Movies:
1. Kindles now much cheaper.
2. LeBron James now on Heat.
3. South Sudan now an independent nation.
4. Gasoline up
5. Spider-Man musical finished.
6. iPhones now on Verizon.
7. Circuit City Closed.
8. Arnold Schwarzenegger has additional kid.
9. Brangelina not really said anymore.
10. Peter Parker back to not having super spider powers and Uncle Ben and Green Goblin alive again.

For more newy newness, watch the trailer below – get ready for ALL NEW “what is happening to me after that spider incident, do I have powers now??” glances:

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