Friday, July 22, 2011

Manny Pacquiao Gets Rejected in Application to Exclusive Manila Polo Club

manny pacquiao rejected by manila polo club
I wasn’t surprised for a bit when Manny Pacquiao’s application to Exclusive Manila Polo club got turned down. MPC’s reason for the snub is “To preserve a lifestyle.” Pretty dumb of Manny to assume that just because he’s pretty loaded with moolah, he’s got the whole world at his feet. You just can’t buy class, period. You’re just a boxer Manny who got lucky to get paid millions to beat the crap out of someone. Obviously, those that worship him and puts him in pedestal are pathetic bottom feeders of the society that blames the government why they are still poor.
Can you imagine the Ayalas, Zobels, Lopez and etc hobnobbing with Aling Dionesia, my goodness. No amount of money, hermes and expensive items can give one class.

Aling Dionisia Feeling Celebrity

Michael Marley’s July 13 article on stated, “The Pinoy Idol just got snubbed for membership by the grand poobahs at theManila Golf Club and Manila Polo Club and the story has been relegated to a few lines here and there in the Filipino press. Clearly, this is prejudice based on pedigree…”
But one board member of the Manila Golf Club spoke to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) to clarify one thing: the Pacman submitted an application to Manila Polo Club alone and not to both clubs.
The reason, according to this board member, could be exclusivity: “It’s a small club in a small village. They want to preserve a lifestyle.”
Exclusive clubs, such as The Manila Golf Club, are particularly strict in terms of its members’ bringing of guests, bodyguards, or in Pacqiuao’s case, an entire entourage.
The board member elaborated that even The Manila Golf Club’s two honorary members—the Philippine President and the mayor of Makati City—are not permitted to bring along bodyguards.

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