Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chris Brown Looking Like a D*ck on Today

Chris Brown appeared on The Today Show’s Summer Concert Series. I would say he sang, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone with two functioning eardrums that it was actually a robot voice that Chris wrapped his lips around .Here are 8 Photos of Chris Brown Looking Like a D*ck on Today :

1. “The Dinosaur Hitler”

2. “The Sea World Dolphin”

3. “The ‘We Know You’re Lip-Syncing Chris Brown, Relax’”

4. The “Yeah I Failed My Driving Test, So What? You Wanna Start Sh*t BITCH?!”

5. The “Yo This Bar Mitzvah Is DOPE”

6. The “Ohh I Know The Answer!! Teacher Pick Me!!! Damn I Knew It”

7. The “What F*ggot Left This Banana Peel Here??”

8. The “Rihanna Retaliation Defense”

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