Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Boy Pouts At Giants Game

There’s this video. A little boy at a San Francisco Giants game throws a pouty adorably little fit after not catching a foul ball destined for his tiny little butter pat hands. The ball in question was caught by a grown ass man sitting in front of him, who waves it around his head in an effort to impress his girlfriend who is clearly going to be a terrible mother one day. 

This is what we like to call in the industry an “announcer’s dream.” Watch as the announcer’s follow the drama of this foul-up, and the Disney ending that will make you feel happy today.
So what do you guys think? Did the adult man who ruined that kid’s day do the right thing? I have a feeling if he would have known it was on TBS, he would have swallowed his pride and handed it over.. :D

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