Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kookiest Lady Gaga Tattoos

Granted, some might say that getting permanent ink etched into your skin in celebration of a celebrity is extreme, even irresponsible or stupid. But those people simply don’t understand dedication. JK JK JK Getting a tattoo of some famous person who touched your life, inspired you, or changed the way you think can look pretty silly, but whatever, just do you. You weren’t born this way, baby, but you know what you want.

With that said, lots of people have gotten Lady Gaga tattoos, and here are the best (so far) on the net. They’re pretty ink-redibly Gaga-ntuan monstrosities, if  I must say so.. (#puns!).

Call them “Little Monsters” or just big, big fans. Whatever you call them, they sure do go Gaga for you-know-who :D

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