Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sharon Stone Is A Filipino-Hating Nightmare Monster, So Says Her Former Filipino Nanny

Sharon Stone's heart is made of dehydrated Dalmatian puppy meat and she once skinned a Fraggle alive with her bare teeth in front of its family (exhibit: A), so I'm close to checking the "I Believe it!" box under The Los Angeles Times' story about how she brought her signature cold-blooded bitchiness on her former nanny. Sharon's ex-nanny Erlinda Elemen says Sharon didn't let her keep a Bible in the house (because the word of the lord goes against Sharon's Illuminati beliefs, duh) and always made fun of her Filipino accent. In other words, Sharon so didn't vote for Jessica Sanchez on American Idol.

In a lawsuit filed by Erlinda, she claimed that Sharon pink-slipped her ass after finding out that she was paid overtime. Erlinda regularly worked over 40 hours a week and so Sharon's staff paid her overtime. When Sharon found about out this, she demanded that Erlinda pay the money back and when she was met with a boldfaced NO, she fired Erlinda. Sharon told Erlinda that working overtime without her permission was "illegal." 

Erlinda also claims that working for Sharon was a terrifying nightmare. Sharon constantly said Filipino people are "stupid" and told Erlinda not to talk to her three children, because she didn't want them to have a Filipino accent. Sharon made fun of Erlinda for going to church and didn't let her read the Bible in the house even though she lived there.

Erlinda started working for Sharon as her part-time nanny in 2006 and 2 years later she was promoted to head nanny. Sharon fired Erlinda on a day in February 2011.

This is seriously some Nanny Diaries shit. But if Sharon is such a Filipino-hating racist crazy, why would she hire a Filipino nanny in the first place? Unless, Sharon truly is 100% evil and making fun of Erlinda tickled the rotten veins in her dead heart.  They don't call her Cruella de Stone for nothing!

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