Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Best Simpsons Tumblr: “I Don’t Remember These Simpsons”

By now, you’ve likely seen the amazing Movie Simpsons Tumblr (if you haven’t, go there now and hang out forever byeeeee!), but continuing this trend of random but awesome new Simpsons Tumblrs, I couldn’t stop laughing at “I Don’t Remember These Simpsons”, a collection of viewing guide descriptions from recent forgettable Simpsons “episodes.”

An example:

Simpsons Tumblr

There’s only a few up at the moment, but they’re golden. And hopefully we can collectively guilt the Tumblr-operator into posting new ones every single minute, because we are the internet and are insatiable (but screaming UPDATE YOUR TUMBLR!!! at a stranger is the sincerest form of internet-flattery).

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