Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend at Tomas Morato: Food Fiesta Non Stop Dance Music

My (unintentional) walking trip along Tomas Morato last Saturday (Feb 12) led me to the street food fiesta that is Banchetto. Sorry if the pictures came out a bit dark, it is a night food fair after all :)

A large portion of the road got closed off as early as 1 pm in preparation for what they called "Banchetto Food Fiesta Non Stop Dance Music" scheduled from 5pm to 12 midnight. Three intersections were impassable to all vehicles - Scout Madrinan, Scout Borromeo and Scout Bayoran. As it was, it's already 1:30 am of February 13, and the crowd were still having a ball.
Banchetto is the Italian word for feast
The smell alone was enough to fill up my big appetite

Yum Yum

There were lots of food and drinks sold in makeshifts, complete with barbecue grille and different dishes. It was a Valentine's weekend mixed with Fiesta celebration with those performers throwing out popular songs from the 80's. Three bands gave their best to make this event memorable with their performances - Flintstones and The Gang, Route 70 and Rockin' Revival.

Party like a Rockstar :)

Check out this video of a dancing baked tahong vendor..

Kudos to the organizers! Sana maulet :)


  1. Wow! Is this a weekly event?

  2. Nope :( hoping QC will schedule another banchetto night soon