Saturday, February 26, 2011

battery kingdom

not everyone is a techie, and that includes us squammies (meaning we don't own the latest piece of gadget--at least not until they go on sale). but techie or not in this day and age, anyone is sure to own at least one piece of battery-powered object. it may be a touch-screen phone or a manual calculator, an iPod or a Walkman--name it, it's gotta have a power pack in it.

so just in case one of your thingies get too old for use, here's a place of hope for you and your gadget:  Battery Kingdom.
From your AAs and AAAs, they also have a wide variety of Li-Ions, Nickel Cadmiums and more! Whatever type, size or shape of battery you need, you're sure to find it here.

This one you have to try for yourself: The Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries. Works great, I promise you!

even the little round ones are available here!

Visit Battery Kingdom at the 4th Floor of Farmers Plaza mall in Cubao.

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