Thursday, February 3, 2011

au naturelle curls

lately i can't figure out what i want to do with my hair.
i want to have a new look but i just can't decide what to do with it!
(rather, i can't find a decent squammy parlor where my hair won't get damaged.)

luckily, i chanced upon this old photo i took from our vacation to the province of abra two summers ago and found inspiration from the kids.

here they are parlor-ing themselves without the chemicals and gadgets.
ladies, introducing the madre cacao insta-curl 3000:
it's very easy to use:
1) pluck out a few twigs from the madre cacao plant
2) get a small bunch of hair together and wrap them around the twigs, tie the twig's ends together to secure hair.
3) let it sit for a few hours. stay in a rather warm or humid place to serve as your natural heater.
4) let everything loose and voila! perfect curls!

note: do not shampoo or condition your hair before curling, otherwise it won't be as effective.


  1. hi, this is the first time I have seen your blog, you have very interesting entries.

    Out of curiosity, did you try this method on your hair? where do you get this plant? :)

  2. hi Happy Ducky! Thanks for taking time to read the blog. :-)

    I haven't tried it yet but I will do one of these days.

    About the plant, I'm not particularly sure where to get it but you can try asking your nearest garden shop if they have it. :-)