Friday, December 6, 2013

And Now, Your Fifty Shades Movie Update

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey have been cast, we've seen a first peek at them in character, and now, finally, Fifty Shades of Grey has begun filming. So, of course, it follows that frequent updates will be pouring in until the day we finally get to sit down and watch the dang thing. And buckle up, because this week is chock-full of brand-new Fifty Shades goodies:

First up, as I mentioned before, filming has begun!

But that's not all: Check out Jamie and Dakota in action filming what seems to be a very dramatic and sexy tea party.


Hey, tea is sexy, I promise. In other news, Rita Ora is adding a slash-actress to her pop-star status—she's been cast as Mia, Christian's adopted sister.


But even more interesting: There are rumors floating about that producers are considering releasing two versions of the movie—one rated R, of course, and one more explicit with a NC-17 status. Interesting.

So, tell me, which version would you see? The mainstream version or the racier one or both?


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