Friday, April 13, 2012

Good News: Brad Pitt Was All Of Us In High School

Us Weekly just uncovered this amazing photo of Brad Pitt at age 14 on his basketball team “The Rejects”, basically looking exactly like everyone who has ever had a photo of them taken in high school:

It’s highly encouraging to know that no matter what paths we end up going down, be it “Charismatic Movie Star And Humanitarian” or “Childless Parental-Aged Person Who Watches 4 Chopped Episodes After Declaring He’s Going To Bed And Thus Is Perpetually Tired,” we’re all cut from the same awkward high-school cloth. 

Just remember, First Rule of Brad Pitt’s High School Photo: Do NOT talk about Chess Club!
(And you thought ‘Don’t Talk about Fight Club’ jokes were finally dead. Then BOOM! An average one.)

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