Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally, Proof That Comic Sans Makes Everything Better

As any professional graphic designer, typist, or human with eyes and STYLE can tell you, Comic Sans makes anything better: Movie Posters and most of all, logos.

The ingeniously simple Comic Sans Project has taken this theory to the sans-treme, replacing the fonts in popular advertising and cultural logos with Comic Sans to prove just how much more pleasing to the eye and hilarious they instantly become:

SEE? There’s no telling how successful McDonald’s or Star Wars could’ve been if they’d only spent more time on their logo-fonts.

Check out the rest of their logos at the Comic Sans Project Tumblr. Though really – this is still up for debate? I’m pretty sure everyone with any degree of design acumen knows that all fonts always should be comic sans. Why am I not writing this in comic sans right now, you ask? 

Because I don’t take the EASY WAY to assured greatness.

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