Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MC Hammer & Psy: Together At Last

One big giant convention happened at the end of the AMAs when K-Pop superstar Psy and the ghost of Justin Bieber's future, MC Hammer, joined forces for a performance that took me slightly higher. Every time I hear that Gangnam Style song, it feels like my last nerve is getting stabbed repeatedly with a sequined knife, but this performance still took me higher for two reasons: 1) MC Hammer's bedazzled bandanna looks like a tiara straight out of the chola prom and; b) the awkward audience reactions to this shit. When you mix together Psy and a little bit of MC Hammer, it makes people bust out their sweetest and hottest neck bobs. I know Psy and Hammer are doing it right, because I screamed "Git it, grandpa" (at the 4:16 mark) at least twice.

The only thing missing from this is a cameo from Los del Río. Then this really would've been a wedding reception's wet dream come true. 

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