Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nostalgia Check: Tyler Shields Reminds Us Abigail Breslin Is No Longer A Tiny Child. We’re Not Ready!

Tyler Shields Shoots Abigail Breslin
Who let you grow up? We know we’ve been agog at the newly grown-up Abigail Breslin before, but can we say how struck we are by Tyler Shields‘ glam new portraits of the Little Miss Sunshine actress? Somehow Abigail Breslin has been in the lime light during the most awkward years of any human beings life (approximately age 11 to 13) and managed to look adorbs the entire time. 
Abigail Breslin Shot By Tyler Shields

Next on her actorly plate is Final Girl, to be directed by photographer Shields. “I don’t even have the words to describe her; she blew me away on set yesterday,” Tyler explained. “She learned things in 20 minutes it takes people years to learn. [She's] just such a funny, smart, talented girl and to be 16 with such poise and class — it’s a real honor to have her.” ABIGAIL’S ALREADY 16? Why must you always remind us of our own mortality, Abigail Breslin? There’s only one way to calm down when we’re freaking out about the passage of time like this.

Abigail will always be our beauty queen.

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