Friday, November 16, 2012

Lady Gaga Side-Boobs All Over Her Fans In Buenos Aires

Lady Gaga greets fans in revealing shirt
Lady Gaga. Side boob. Those are the only words that we’re able to conjure up after looking at these pics. Let us shut our eyes for a moment and refresh. There we go. Mama Monster greeted fans in Buenos Aires looking like a living breathing American Apparel ad, complete with high waisted acid-washed jeans and absurdly revealing elastic day-glo top. But she managed to work it, as always! Gags has been working her way through South America while on tour, having recently left Rio de Janeiro where she got a new Brazilian themed tattoo. “Its amazing how small films i made became cult gems for you and even made there way to countries I’ve never been to,” she tweeted. “SA really is inspiring.” It’s definitely inspiring her to make some bold fashion choices! Or on second thought, maybe she had that all along.

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