Monday, September 24, 2012

LOL of the Day: The Bad Lip Reading of The Hunger Games

Call me crazy, but the first thing I noticed about the new Bad Lip Reading of The Hunger Games wasn’t just that it’s laugh out loud amazing. It’s that much of the ridiculous dialogue could have been taken directly from the Hunger Games series. Okay, okay, maybe not the part about barfing on a sailor like a pig, but virtually everything else. Have you watched the video yet? Okay, then let’s look at this critically:
  • Katniss and Gale have the kind of close, easy friendship that might involve them discussing “the squirts.” (Oh, like you weren’t having the exact same conversation with your friends yesterday.) If we never actually read them discussing anyone’s “fudge puddles,” it’s probably because the concept of fudge didn’t survive the Dark Days.
  • “Scooby-Doo!” On the other hand, maybe Scooby-Doo did survive that far into the future. Maybe our great-great-great-grandchildren look at the show like we look at The Odyssey. “And lo, Shaggy shall be our Homer!”
  • Katniss is the queen, okaaaaaay?
  • What with all the Plutarch Heavensbees and Posy Hawthornes running around, there could have easily been a character named Codfish Joe. Ditto Bob the Human.
  • “The police ate Timothy!” The government is already responsible for a homicidal reality show and the practice of cutting out dissidents’ tongues. You really think the police wouldn’t eat Timothy? You are living in a fantasy world, ya’ll!
  • “Every night, I want you to hold Marvin the cat. He’s not a real cat.” Look, Peeta’s body is ravaged with infection when he and Katniss are hiding out during the Games. Cat-based hallucinations are completely plausible.
  • Also, Clove is sort of loco crazy.
  • “And that’s how babies grow?” Hey, we doubt those District 12 kids are getting comprehensive sex ed classes in school. Maybe Peeta just wanted to check and make sure!

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