Friday, May 27, 2011

When Obama Royally Screws Up, The Queen Makes Hilarious Faces

President Obama's Tour of duhs through the UK and Ireland made a stop at another duh last night during a royal banquet at the Queen's house. Obama's first duh came when his limo "The Beast" broke down in Dublin and his second came when he revealed that he's a time traveler by writing the wrong date in the guest book at Westminster Abbey. And last night, Obama talked over the national anthem, which is a no no and will earn you a slap to the mouth. To put things into perspective, this is the fancy equivalent of talking during your grandma's stories.

On The View this morning, they said that Obama also broke protocol by touching his glass before Her Majesty the Queen touched hers. Buckingham Palace hasn't seen a moment as awkward as this since Prince Charles kissed Princess Diana on the balcony.

Diamond crown or not, the Queen is still a grandma and her natural instincts are to throw an "I got your number, hussy!" look when somebody acts backwards in her presence. Camilla was secretly sighing with relief on the inside, because up until last night she was the only one who was the recipient of one of the Queen's "fire up the guillotine" eyes.

Si Obama na ang Squammy.. hehe :P

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