Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bagets by TV 5

bagets remake-tv 5
Check out the new bagets tv series by TV 5! Featuring the freshest faces the network has to offer. Honestly, I’m not so enthusiastic on the tv show. The casts looks like some random people that were picked up on the streets. Come on, look at their clothes, it doesn’t make them look like trend setters like the original bagets should be. Did their stylist walked right into an ukay-ukay shop? They even threw in a token “chinito” guy, possibly to attract koreanovela fans ugh! My advice toTV 5 producers, there’s so many talents in star magic that’s waiting for some projects. It wouldn’t hurt investing a bit of cash to make the show more palatable. Having shoddy looking casts and stylists isn’t good for the fledgling network’s reputation.

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