Monday, June 25, 2012

Casper Smart Is A Straight-For-Fame Gay, So Says A Fellow Dancer

JLo's rep denies that Casper is gay and says that it must be a slow news week. I resemble that comment!

But seriously, this pic doesn't prove anything. How many straight dudes have gotten drunk on malt liquor and ended up giving sugar to the camera while wearing a rhinestone belt? Entire frats wouldn't exist if shit like that didn't go down on the regular. Casper could scream for peen, poon or both. It doesn't matter. There's only two things that matter: 1) Casper is representing hard for the gold digger community and; 2) That duck-faced bitch looks hotter in a pair of gold shorty shorts than JLo does. Werk it, guurrrrrl.

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