Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The princes' Pinay nanny invited to Royal wedding

Balitang Bonggang Bongga: Prince William and Harry's former Filipino nanny, Araceli "Lillie" Piccio, has received an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29 (UK time), reports The Philippine Star.

Piccio and her plus one are invited to the much-awaited ceremony at the Westminster Abbey in the UK, according to The Philippine Star columnist Ricky Lo, who cited Piccio's sister and Bacolod paper columnist Nimfa "Buddai" Piccio.

Piccio, called "Miss Lillie" by the late Lady Diana, served in the royal household for eight years until a few months after Lady Diana died in 1997, reports The Philippine Star. According to her sister, a 15-year-old Prince William told Piccio when she left, "When I get married, I will take you back." 

A nurse from Bacolod, Piccio is now working for a different employer in London. According to The Philippine Star, she was the first Filipina employed by the royal family. She used to spend Mondays to Saturdays at the Royal Apartment in London.

About 1,800 invitations to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 wedding were put in the mail at the end of last week. (Yes, EIGHTEEN HUNDRED!) Wanna see what they look like?!

I’d bet the paper is heavier than a dinner plate, but overall I think they’re super-boring. I’m partial to more casual wedding invitations, but if you’re having a fancy, over-the-top wedding—and you’re going to be becoming a freaking princess!—I think the occasion calls for at least a script font! 

I mean, except for the golden monogram, it looks like the royal wedding invite could’ve been designed in Word! I’m sure there are all sorts of royal laws and regulations dictating what the invites had to look like, but these just seem SO un-special. (may bitterness lang..sorry naman)

The pics below, plus a short bio of Kate, were added to the official royal wedding site today:)
Kate, 3, on holiday in the Lake District.

Kate, 4, with her sister, Pippa, and their dad. (Hello, Mr. Middleton!)

5-year-old Kate in the U.K.

Kate in June 2005 at Saint Andrews University graduation.

Kate and Wills at their college graduation.

To summarize the pictures: Kate = cute. Sister = cute. Dad = hot.

Is it me, or do Kate and Wills kind of look like they work for a catering company in that last shot? :P


  1. catering ba? akala ko attend sila ng prayer meeting...

  2. Pwede din namang prayer meeting..haha :)