Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dirty Mami is Yummy

Squammies are known to be fond of experimenting when it comes to food (Chos). In fact very adventurous, most of their favorite are exotic ones. Others might find it weird or worst, foreigners might say disgusting. These are called street foods. From the word itself, it’s already self explanatory. One of my ultimate favorites is the Dirty Mami..They are also cheap. For just P20 busog na. Or just add P5, with egg pa yan. I love to eat my mami with puto.

Ate preparing my mami, extra HOT please..
bottomless soup

These quickly-prepared mami are sold in a push cart along the streets. Mostly outside the schools or offices. People eat them during snacks or some of them after school or work.
merienda time

It’s a sort of convenient food for Filipinos. Though some of are unhealthy, if you tend to over eat, but a lot of Filipinos still eat them :)

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