Sunday, March 27, 2011

eat & go

though we love malling, sometimes it just becomes a struggle for us squammies to be inside a mall. primarily because most spots in the city carry products that we can't afford to spend our precious money on. and i'm not just talking about the high-end fashion stuff anymore because lately, even finding a good quality resto to dine in in between the strolling and window shopping is becoming a major problem--the food is too expensive and most of the time, they're not worth the high price tag!

well luckily, in SM megamall, we found a new place that we can waste our pockets on! well, it's not exactly new new, but it's the first time we tried it out and fortunately, we liked it!

the place is called eat & go, located in the new wing of megamall (is it called the atrium? we're not so sure but it's that area where the aircon is much colder, because there are fewer of us squammies there :P). it's in that same area where amici is located.

so what enticed us to enter the place? it is THIS:

(click on the photo to enlarge):

see the squammy keywords in there?

P369 for 2 people = not bad.
so here's what we ordered: a plate of healthy and yummy waldorf salad <3

fish scallopini. the plate included about 6-8 pieces of deep-fried cream dory fish fingers with tartar sauce, a bowl of chili, and a single serving of pasta bolognese.

roasted chicken plate with java rice and buttered corn and carrots. the rice was good, we ordered an extra!

and 2 glasses of berry iced tea (which didn't match with my taste buds so well. tasted like medicine to me.)

we also ordered and extra plate of calamari rings at P175 which was big enough for 2-3 people. and it tastes really good. not bad for such price:

we enjoyed everything we had, except that the pasta was hard, seemed like the noodles were half-cooked, so better tell your waiter to cook your noodles well. we finished most of the food but had enough left for takeout that's good enough for 1 more person to enjoy. we left the pasta untouched not only because of our issue with the noodles, but also because it didn't mix well with the chili. the fish and the chili, however, literally married each other that we forgot about the tartar sauce. we just dipped the fish fingers right into the chili and it was yummy!

good food. nice place. good times. :)

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