Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sex: The Only Anti-Aging Regimen You Need

Just in case you need another excuse to grab your hottie boyfriend and get naked, here's the best one I've ever heard: Having sex makes you look younger. Like, legitimately.

According to a study by a British psychologist, getting busy on the reg can take a whopping five to seven years off your face. Believe it or not, when we have sex, our bodies release human growth hormone, which keeps skin from getting all wrinkly. Who knew?

So, before you consider schmancy creams, Botox, vampire facelifts, or any other youth-promising treatment, try staving off the aging process with regular orgasms instead. Even if it doesn't actually work, you'll at least reap the many benefits of getting off—like improved mood, sounder sleep, better circulation, and, duh, swag.

Plus, we're pretty sure your man will love this new stay-young regimen, too.

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