Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's a Caturday and a Sundog in one!

Pwditat, the seeing-eye cat and Terfel, the dog she sees for. 

Terfel is an 8-year-old dog who lives in Wales and he can't see too well due to the cataracts that mess up his vision. Sadly, Terfel can't do what my abuelita did, which is get a pair of awesome "deal with it" sunglasses after getting cataract surgery. So Terfel just had to live with bumping into shit all the time... until his savior came along.

Around six seconds after Terfel's owner adopted a pussy named Pwditat, Terfel's life got a whole lot better, because Pwditat immediately bonded with the dog. Pwditat crawled into Terfel's basket and has never left the almost-blind dog's side since then. Pwditat's owner tells MSN NZ that she uses her paws to guide him throughout the house. It's the cat leading the cataracts-stricken dog!

Yes, this probably all part of the cat race's evil plan to rid the world of dogs and it's only a matter of time before Pwditat leads Terfel into oncoming traffic, but let's all awwwww at their love in the meantime:

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