Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Best Mash-Ups, Parodies, and Covers of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"

If you haven't heard Robin Thicke's oh-so-catchy "Blurred Lines" yet, then...Oh, who am I kidding—you've all definitely heard it by now. And I'm sure you've seen or heard at least one of the many awesome parodies, mash-ups, and covers that have been springing up. I've rounded up some of the best for you, below!

Bill Clinton (with a cameo from Obama):

Alan Thicke's (a.k.a. Robin's dad!) with the Growing Pains theme:

Not a mash-up, but I'm digging Vampire Weekend's cover:

The Jimmy Kimmel + Guillermo version might be my favorite:

A stellar acoustic version from a 17-year-old with quite the voice:

And, finally, if you were wondering what a gender-swap parody would look like, this is it. But careful! I wouldn't watch this one at work or around any kiddos:

Which is your favorite? Any that aren't on here that I need to see? 

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