Thursday, May 23, 2013

The 10 Most Meme-able Hollywood Celebs

Some celebrities are just walking memes. You know, like, Ryan Gosling (hey girl), Leonardo DiCaprio (oh, he’s just strutting) and Beyonce (getting all she hulk on us). It’s like they are begging to be made fun of on the internet.  

10. Mischa Barton
The O.C. actress barely bumped Gwyneth Paltrow from the list. But it’s hard not to appreciate “Sad Mischa.” It’s been the highlight of her career.
Celebritiy Memes

9. Taylor Swift
Sad Taylor is sad except when she’s making hits and singing at the Grammys but you know, when, Kanye West takes the mic away from you when you win an award there’s no going back.
Celebritiy Memes 

8. Beyonce
From her Destiny’s Child days to now, Bey has been the catalyst of several memes, including #PoorMichelle and Hulk Beyonce.
Celebritiy Memes

7. Amanda Bynes
Something really sad and disturbing happened to Amanda. But without her Twitter, we wouldn’t have all her selfies and rants. Also, she looks a lot like the IKEA monkey.
Celebritiy MemesCelebritiy Memes  

6. Britney Spears
Brit had a few rough years. We’re certainly sorry about that but without them, we wouldn’t have all those shaved head memes and this inspirational message.
Celebritiy Memes

5. Keanu Reeves
Keanu marks the big leagues of celeb memes. This guy was all sad on a bench and then there all the conspiracy memes and the fact he, like, doesn’t age.
Celebritiy Memes

4. Nic Cage
The ultimate prankster. Nic is the best worst thing you can do to an office mate. Also there all those bees.
Celebritiy Memes

3. Lindsay Lohan
This sleeping beauty is a great provider of memes. She mimics Ophelia and Sleeping Beauty when passed out. She has all the mug shots not to mention her morphing face over the years. She reportedly still acts or something.
Celebritiy Memes 

2. Ryan Gosling
Ryan, oh Ryan. How much I adore thee. There’s like 1,000 Tumblrs dedicated to Hey Girl. And just when we thought we were over him on the internet, someone made Vines of him not eating cereal.
Celebritiy MemesCelebritiy Memes
Celebritiy MemesCelebritiy Memes

1. Leonardo DiCaprio
It’s hard to beat out Ryan but Leo successfully did it. From his struts to his puppy dog face to, you know, dying in Titanic and being sad all the time. (I swear he constantly listens to Bon Iver.) But that’s why we love him, not for The Great Gatsby but for all the memes.

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